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Week 14 – Final PowerPoint and Reflection

Final Weeks after the exhibition, was the self reflection and creating the PowerPoint presentation. This is actually one of my favourite processes of the module. It is the time I find that most learning is involved. What part of the project worked and what didn’t.

Major positives from this project was pushing myself to try something new for the exhibition. I have never done a performance piece, this was a really good experience for me and has pushed my boundaries.

There have been some pretty harsh lows however for me. In particular the failure to complete my audio work. I now only have drips and drabs of a project that could have been so much more. To learn from this I need to start saving my work more consistently and in different locations. It seems so elementary and honestly it is incredibly embarrassing and my project has suffered greatly.

I enjoyed our sessions this year in class but I struggled to connect with all of my classmates. It was not until the end of the semester when it felt like everyone was beginning to open up and I was comfortable with all of my classmates. I actually enjoyed helping Matthew with his project however that more felt like it was out of necessity rather than actual want. I was sad that I did not get to present my own project for the class.

I am only now truly realizing what home is to me. It is not a location in fact it is perhaps the feeling of being lost – a quote by Rebecca Solnit really sings home at the moment –

“Nights alone in motels in remote western towns where I know no one and no one I know knows where I am, nights with the strange paintings and floral spreads and cable television that furnish a reprieve from my own biography, when in Benjamins’ terms I have lost myself though I know where I am.” (Rebecca Solnit) A Field Guide To Getting Lost

I am looking forward to pushing myself next year. I feel like this semester has been a failure in many aspects of completing all of the project to the best of my ability. However I think I had a fairly strong performance but it was missing key areas of development and depth. There is still a lack of working consistently and this needs to change if I really want to push myself to be an artist, which is something now I feel I want to aim for rather than something that I previously thought was out of reach. I.P this semester has had the best tutorials and ones that have pushed me to understand why I don’t work, that I need to work harder and be more devoted. I’m only reaching the surface of what I can truly achieve, because at the moment I’m not pushing hard enough to really reach what I can achieve.


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