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Week 13 Exhibition

exhibition – photos videos etc etc

Firstly the exhibition didn’t start of the best. I had an issue with the audio that I had been recording and it did not save and the work was simply lost. I had to just go-ahead with the performance.

However this turned out really well and I was incredibly happy with how people interacted with my performance people were really in-tune with what I was working on. I also was able to talk to the audience when they came around to view my work. If I were to do this performance again I would want there to be no audio.

Pete was superb and helped organize the space for me setting up the lights, as I described what I wanted from the space. I was very happy with the blackout he was able to create.

I had a friend there with me who took the excellent photos and kept me company when people were not their. It was a very calming process and reminded me that I really do feel at home here.

The negatives were that I missed everyone else-performance. I second guessed myself and slowed down as I was ahead of schedule. It was not an issues as I just finished 15mins later than everyone else and Pete was more than happy to accommodate this.

I would have liked it if I could have placed the bike in a different location as it was to the back of the stage.

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