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Week 12 – Proposal Form Submission

-Proposal submission

-Van loading

This week I submitted my proposal form.

I was most happy with being able to just focus on one location when thinking about where I was going to be located as I had already had confirmation from the Arts Centre and had already been in contact with them.

The weakest part of my submission is there are a few spelling errors that I noticed after submission – the quality of process videos and photos which is a running issue throughout my project.

Lack of being able to show audio/embed it. Word document just does not work well here.

I think the strengths are the lists. Each list is incredibly valuable. It lists the timing’s and the amount the process I have to complete.

I presented it ok however it was a bit of strange week and I felt like I lost my way a little. I didn’t like how the form was laid out and presented my project not in the order of the proposal form.

Van Loading

I helped organize taking items up to the art centre and made sure we had all items at the art school and at the arts centre. It was actually quite nice to have the responsibility and I look forward to helping with the show more in my third year for the winter show.

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