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All I ever wanted 

Was to be the idiot 

Strumming the strings

And chewing tunes

Like I chew fast food exhaust

So I created a world

I hoped it would be

All mine to play for

But how can I play 

And shape a world

When I’m lacking

Lacking in vocabulary

Lacking in managing

Managing the resources

Managing a real proper life

Real proper

Is it real proper rock ‘n roll

Will it be intune?

Will those two approve?

Can I really move?

Will I ever choose?

What’s the right level of…

…….it all??

so this is my conclusion. I still find WordPress a pain, it makes me even more confused in my work. I feel like I’m closer though, a bit closer to reaching my ambition, to be a musician. I still feel so far away and so hopeless, but I feel a bit closer. I feel right now that’s what I’d really like to be able to say, that I’m a musician, even more important than the whole multimedia performance wanky arty bollocks.

Next semester I might add performance and film elements, but I really wanna focus above all on making music, writing and making songs to reflect on TIME in Aberystwyth – past, present and future.

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