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Week 11 – THE TAKEOVER – Semester 2

Finally we’re here! The event has been powerful, filled with many incredibly creative art projects of my peers. The air of inspiration, collaboration, creativity and team spirit seemed to quite literally Take Over the Arts Centre. I’m happy to have been a part of it!

14.05.2022 – The final additions to my project

If you read my daily updates, you might’ve noticed the “TO BE UPDATED DURING THE TAKEOVER…” ending message! While unfortunately the timing didn’t allow me to write a proper chapter, I managed to design a huge chunk of the things that needed a design – for example our lovely couple!

I’ve been pondering whether I should write a chapter now, but I don’t think that is necessary anymore. I did come up with an outcome based on the responses I received – I feel like it’s more appropriate to leave the audience to connect the gaps themselves, since the story is hugely based on peer feedback. This is your story as well – feel free to shape it to the extent you wish. Just as I intentionally didn’t include the finished image of the house during The TAKEOVER, I will let you close the final chapter individually.

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