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Week 11 – Reflection

Notes on Notebook Class Presentation

Another high quality collection of presentations. It was clear that the notebooks had been an incredibly valuable piece of work and the advantage of being able to showcase our work for our classmates and the wider world to see was evident. The work this year has felt incredibly more collaborative, this was showcased in the presentations for sure. It was clear that inspiration was taken from each other to create powerful projects. I particularly liked Dee’s thorough research and presentation of her project, it was clearly in-depth and also very current. Abidish’s documentation of his work was stunning, he is for sure going to reach his full potential soon and I believe that he is using his notebook to best suit his strengths ! Oscar’s presentation although cut short was deep, his work was underpinned by deep discernment. To be incredibly harsh I am not sure whether Oscar reached the final outcome that he was happiest with. I think there was more to go and perhaps other ways of presenting his work which may have suited him better. Although it is clear that if I am thinking about final presentation, I really related and value his work and contribution, it was a superb project. Collecting receipts – so simple, really >? Sarah’s work as-well really stood out as a brave project. It was clear that by collaborating with Mike really benefitted her confidence and really allowed the project to visual suit her standards. I think there is more to this project whether it be the conversations she has with people before and after etc, or if she writes and documents her feelings. As she is the one who experiences this I want to know what she is feeling. It was an incredibly interesting piece of work. I really enjoyed Matthew’s poem although unfortunately riddled with illness he still came out with something that clearly shows his talent for art and again it was a very different project than most. I loved his poem and conversation with the sea. There is more to have with this project, or at least I want more !

I found it also interesting what had an impact. How some of the most simple things are the most memorable – for me and Sarah I noticed the cup and objects in the cup, we both mentioned them in the project, similar artists also kept coming up, Duchamp, Marina Abramavic to name but two.

In short there were some very good examples of work on show and I learned a lot from each of them. It was interesting to see how people focused on different aspects etc . I found it interesting that most people went from week to week. I see that this creates a journey. For me though I feel that the narrative is very rarely week to week so I would love to see people express their freedom when presenting more and hand selecting key points of interest from each of the weeks.

My presentation on the whole went fairly well. I think that I was able to get my points across, and that I addressed the glaring weeks of no work. I feel leaving the notebook sections blank was real and it was a major part of my course. I was happy with my choice of script which included just having simple bullet points and nothing more, I strayed away in two moments and my communication I felt wasn’t particularly coherent and clear in these moments but having the notes helped get me back on track. Timing was better this time I finished with no time to spare getting through all of my points. There is a fair amount to improve on my presentation. I think that I needed to spend a little more time with my artists, more in-depth discussion, include quotes from artist inside of my presentation- put simply showcase more of my in-depth understanding other artists projects. Looking at both of the presentations together I could also have improved what I focussed on. I felt like I repeated myself twice. Maybe this is because there are similarities between the two assessments but I think that I should have focussed more on the exhibition aspect of the first assessment and more on my project, development and work with the second assessment. If I were to do the second presentation again I would want to work in more detail from artistic influences, a playing of the audio or video of the final project (which I left out as I played it in the first presentation).

500 Word Conclusion

-Personal Note, I found it very hard to write this conclusion this is ver 3. (inspired by many people clear and simple form of a the conclusion, Sarah, Dee)-

-I found myself in an excellent class which was willing to work explore and socialise together

-I worked incredibly well in the first couple of weeks of the semester, there was some excellent ideas that were floating around and I looked at my everyday to stimulate a project

-I was deeply inspired by the work of Duchamp, the readymade objects really inspired me to search for simplicity in my work and an understanding of what art can be. I appreciated the chance to research, understand and create directly inspired by Duchamp.

-Week 2 was incredibly fruitful, inspired by Duchamp I was very happy with how my suspended bike turned out, I found walking around the bicycle profound. I experimented with lighting, stronger lighting helped – more experimentation was required.

-I got inspired by what my classmates were achieving and I was seeing value in everything that was being created. I really valued such an excellent class, lecturer and surrounding work ethic.

-I lapsed with wellness, motivation to study in the following weeks. Conceptually I really struggled to get back into my project and I was lost and unsure.

-I met with Richard Brooks as an additional tutorial, this was hugely beneficial and I received some clearness, excellent feedback and a chance to look at my creative practices as an entirety.

-I followed with a great tutorial from Miranda to help me implement a project with limit health and time. Encouragement and experience… I remember a similar tutorial in the last semester

-I still struggle to restart but finally get something together.

-Inspired by conversations, I gathered lots of, quotes, stats and figures – these could have been better given time, with more time these would have been a lot better and more enriched.

-I was happy with the recording of the audio, this felt natural and simple for me – I have used the software before. Recording with my colleagues at Summit Cycles was great but next time I should allow them to contribute and express themselves.

-The project proposal, this was truly horrific as there was just not enough time and it was created so rushed. Time, needed more time. For what I cobbled together it worked, I was lucky to have found all but one of the artist before – hand so this was easy – but I felt I severely lacked on the curatorial element of the project. With more time this would have been much better as curating is one of my strengths as an artist. I am sad to have not shown my best here. Presenting went ok but I missed out on time and perhaps tried to cover up the weaknesses of the form by only touching on these elements loosely.

-The final notebook showcase, I was right to be honest.

-The project went ok but is very weak in some areas – there was a clear need of more time and thorough development. I think that I really like elements of the project, including the concept and the suspended object. I envisage this now as a much bigger project. The suspended object could be changed and it could include many other people with their object. There are many possibilities that I should have explored to get a more fleshed out project. I feel like I have just shards.

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