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Week 11 – Notebook presentation AND conclusion

Monday 12th, December – Sunday 18th, December


My notebook presentation was simple. I started with explaining Notebook post one and skipping the irrelevant and lengthy a text-based weeks. Unfortunately, I ran out of time, so it was very tight finish, wrapping up the very last bit of the presentation with week 9. I was trying to use more visual information than text because it works for me to deliver my ideas effectively therefore, I got good response in terms of getting the meaning across of my project.

Documentation of my notebook

Screen grabs of camera roll (Documentation process of my experimentation process).

Pictures of feedback



Overall, I’m very happy with this semester. I’m gaining confidence, my direction is getting clearer and clearer, and I am exploring, experimenting and researching much more compared to my very first semester. There is a long way to go and many things to learn but one thing I want to improve next semester is the way I present my work specially when I’m pitching my ideas in front of strangers. I tried different things this semester, but I believe I can design a better way, something that works for me with very less text and lots of visual information but also with stronger vocabulary and deeper context around it.

Collaboration with Sophia: This semester I was paying attention to build healthy work relationship with other artists and collaborate with other people on my course or in general Arts departments. I collaborated with Sophia. Working with her was a brilliant learning experience and I thank her for giving me this opportunity. This project (In A Nutshell) is still under construction, and I am happy to continue working with her until this project takes its final form.

In A Nutshell

Documentary link Via YouTube

Collaboration with Richard: Collaborating with Richard was another thing I did this semester. Though it was only one session working with him, but it was interesting seeing myself enjoying and producing movement-based work. I went through the material he provided me and come up with simple movements required for his performance.

Performance (Dystopian music dance arrangement)

Pictures of To Do List throughout the semester

It’s been a challenging, but an amazing semester, see you next TIME.

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