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Week 11 – Final chapter

Week 11 is the exhibition week – Dealing with 4 deadlines today is another level of stress.

Monday morning we all gathered up and down the hill to transport all our projects to the art centre for THE TAKEOVER.

Over the week and weekend and the Monday night I decided to write more and add more boxes. To preparer myself further I always read though my notes, blog and my proposal form to feel a bit more confident. Further taking a hot shower with some mint tea and a cooling face mask. I highly recommend a small skincare session before a big day to just spend time with yourself and take your mind off thing and it’s only disadvantage is clear skin the next day.

I had put 15 alarms back to back from 6am even though I could not sleep. It was due to the excitement for the final show and nerves cause of the final one

I good coffee always helps.

Around 9:30 my room -Dance studio was opened and cleared and creating the work started. The box building in the time constraint had given me cramps, and due to unknown space I was nervous.

I had my partner to help and support me during the process to tape and build the structure higher and step by step by 11 I was ready to talk to show and talk.

There was a room full of people, unknown faces and cameras looking at me – It was made me nervous. Having my lecturer and my partner beside me in the crowd helped me calm my nerves and I spoke, shared my ideas and also welcomes them to join in and add to my work.

There was a swift moment when the audience took a step closer to write on the boxes and that felt moving. It was a feeling I never felt before.

I received a similar reaction in the second tour.

Between tours I had 10-15 unknown people who reached out to speak and discuss and write more on the boxes, hearing how one could relate to my boxes was truly moving. I had another 8 people who cam by as they were a part of the last years show – ‘ It’s lovely to see you grow’

I remember everyone’s faces clearly as this reaction was in a blind spot for me.

It seemed to be a successful outcome and created awareness. Statement piece.

The installation took the shape of the room and did it’s own shadows and reflections – addition of light between the structure was an effective move to left up, enhance the boxes and writing.

I can’t believe this it, the end of my three year.. It gave my flashbacks to my first exhibition in first year with the Lion ad leaf prints workshop. Underneath I believe I was always moved with expressing and reusing material. Lion – coal – leaf prints – natural pigments and more. It aches my heart to think I wont sit in a class again with a wonderful group of people. My lecturer Miranda Whall, thank you all these 3 years of guidance, friendship, disagreements, laughs and care and support.

CA is a family of mine away from home, it’s a family I found.

I genuinely, physically cannot type more and I am sat in the library tearing up.


It’s a wrap.

My final posted notes

Signing out… .. .. .

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