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This week ends the final first year for myself at Aberystwyth university. I would say it has been a rollercoaster and the emotions have been overwhelming at times, however I am very thankful for the experience and am looking forward to the next year of learning.

overview on the classes and social aspect – I believe that the classes are generally fun and dynamic, the first couple of classes from each of the semesters where we drew sighted and unsighted for three hours were probably my favourite out of all of the classes however I do feel like the 3 continuous hours can sometimes become quite tiring, but on the plus side the three hours gives us a chance to all get to know each other and develop ongoing friendships.

The takeover was a place where I believed that I made many more friendships with others from the course, it is a shame that I haven’t made many friendships previously but considering its the first year I think its okay that the friendships are developing slowly. I`m glad that I did the takeover as I feel it connected me more with the group as a whole. I feel if I did not take part as I originally planned then I would have regretted it massively.

My projects – For the first semester I was very happy with my project, the hearts were something I had never attempted before and I think I executed it well and was very content with it, if I had the opportunity to have my hearts piece in the takeover rather than my home piece I believe I would have felt a lot better about my work. I have no problem with the second semester work I created, I loved the concept I came up with however I do not think the execution was up to standard, but its all a learning curve.

Generally I am happy with how the year has gone, I do wish my work was up to a higher degree but this is something I can always improve on and learn, I`m happy I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and made friendships I didn’t expect to make and I hope this can continue.

One of my final images for the end of the year

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