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Week 11- Conclusion

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Another semester ends, another project done… sort of. 

This semester was a bit of a roller-coaster with more downs than ups unfortunately. 

I started of motivated and with an organization plan of how I wanted to procced every week. What I failed to remember however is that planning rarely works for me and instead of continuing on the motivational train, I ended up walking behind it with the growing sense of defeat (the sidetracks didn’t help either). 

The original plan for the project was a bit different but I’m glad I had time to work around all of the technical difficulties I encountered during the process- from wrong SD cards, connecting with wi-fi, the CCTV cameras not supporting continuous recording, to finally issues with streaming services.

I hope I am not saying this only from myself and others will agree with me, but I really appreciate all the work Miranda put into the workshops and especially tutorials. From the first day of the term, she encourages us to develop ideas and start working with whatever we want as long as we start and have time to develop our ideas and projects. 
If I came to the idea of recording sleep any later I don’t think I would have finished this project on time.

I’m not disappointed with my project by any means, but I’m not full satisfied with it either. There are many things I wish I have overcome sooner but I’m happy with the final concept. I will be continuing working and developing this project and I’m really excited for the next semester at the new theme is Time and I think that wherever I’ll go with this project it will fit right in.  

I look forward to see what the new term brings and I can wait the see all of the new project we all create! See you all in the year!

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