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week 11 and The TAKEOVER: Concluding the semester

for week 11 we had to present the notebooks we have made during this semester.

over all i think it went decently, but sadly i didn’t get through all 10 notebooks before the 10 minutes ran out. i managed to get though week 9 which was my last notebook containing my projects development, but it would be nice to get to the last post before the time ran out. i will need to work better on this going forward, but sadly as this is my last semester with IP, i will have to work on this in my own time in the future.

as always i find these presentations to be a great way to practice for a future as a professional artist, and i will defiantly be working on all the things i have learned during my time in IP.


this was an amazing experience! having this big of a team to work with and a space such as the Art Centre to exhibit my work inn has been a fantastic taste of whats to come in the future. having the rehearsal studio 2 as my room, was interesting as when i first looked at it, the fire escapes didnt have a strong light to them, something that made me choose it as my location. but on the day the lights had been fixed and they lit up the room even though i had darkened the windows.

luckily i managed to solve this issue by improvising and placing the small chair in the middle of the room in front of the mirrors that were located at the back wall. i also placed it so when you sit down, you dont see yourself, but everything around you. kind of transporting the sitter in to their own mind, not facing themself, but rather being sucked in to themselfs.

having to speak to the tour was also an interesting experience, as i had originally thought i wouldn’t have to do this. i managed to improvise decently the first time with some guidance of Miranda, but the second tour went a lot better in my opinion.


To start off, I will give a huge thanks to Miranda for everything I have gained from taking IP for the last two semesters. This has been an incredible experience and I will forever keep the knowledge and skills I have learned.

This semester has been strange as I have had a lot of migraines throughout, but somehow managed to get the two audio files to the full one hour that I wanted. I really tried to work on my goals as well, as I managed to plan my time somewhat better when it came to all my classes, but I could still do with some improvement as some of my notebooks had to be posted later then I needed to. I have also taken some time to better my mental health this semester as I didn’t want to have breakdowns like I did last semester and asked for help with developing my project whenever I needed it. My flatmate has been a good help when it came to understanding GarageBand and how to use the different tools on there, and i will defiantly be more open to getting help in the future. I also managed to be more confident in my project this semester, to the point where I could confidently talk about my project in front of a group tour at The TAKEOVER without any script.

Overall, I think I have managed to keep to my goals and work as hard as I could on developing my project. I did more research than last semester and have gained confidence in my own artistic practice. i still need to work on balancing social time and work time better as i am still struggling to separate the two and often find myself procrastinating when i should be working, and thinking of working when i have set time of to be with friends. funny how this relates to my project this semester!

Like last semester I managed to work with the others in the class and worked on building those friendships even stronger. Im sad to say good bye to some of them as they graduate, but hope to stay in contact with them even after this semester ends. i wish off of the graduating students from this class the best of luck in the future and hope to keep contact even after this semester ends. its been a pleasure to have had this module with such a fantastic group of artists, and i am sad to say goodbye to IP, but i will never forget how great it has been for my own personal and professional development!

Thanks for everything and im looking forward to seeing everyone’s work in the next TAKEOVER!.

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