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Week 10

06.12.2021 20:32 “Winter Sleep Shivers”

07.12.2021 22:39 “W**** w****** m*”

08.12.2021 21:58 “inarticulate”

09.12.2021 22:01 “Cosmos”

10.12.2021 21:37 “Finish”

This last image concludes this project. Thank you to Miranda for guiding me during this time and for your patience, as well as a huge thank you to my friends who were always excited to see what I post.

Research 4 – Peter Dreher

Peter Dreher was a German artist known for his “Tag um Tag Guter Tag” project which he started in 1974. His goal was simply to paint the same clear glass every day – according to a quote of his he planned to stop once the motivation ended. Over the time, he accumulated over 5,000 paintings of the clear drinking glass. As he never painted from memory, and possibly had the glass it in different positions to the light each day, every painting is different and has a different energy. This unusual routine resulted in a fascinating art project.

Day by day, good day (Tag um Tag gutter Tag) Nr. 2544 (Night), Peter Dreher
Day by day, good day (Tag um Tag gutter Tag) Nr. 2279 (Day), Peter Dreher

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