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Making of my proposal form – THE TAKEOVER 2022

Screenshots of my Proposal form:


THE TAKEOVER  performance

This project portrays the concept of my body as a home and my body parts as different rooms. I am illustrating my idea of body-home by using the architectural style A4 size planning drawing. I am using a geometrical drawing method to illustrate various parts of my body as different rooms. To project my personal perspective as a refugee, each drawing is accompanied by sentimental objects and physical movement performed by me. This trio of maps, objects, and performances shows that my body is the safest refuge for me and my kind.  

I am presenting 9 A4 size geometrical drawings, accompanied by my Asylum documentation and birth certificate. All nine A4 size geometrical drawings will be accompanied by either my asylum document or an object related to the five senses or Body experience.  

List of documents.  

  1. 9 A4 size drawings.  
  1. Birth certificate, Asylum interview letter, Asylum decision letter, Asylum traveling document, and Supporting statement letter from a mental health charity. 

List of objects.   

  1. Fresh roses and candles.  
  1. A fresh mango.  
  1. LGBT flag.  
  1. 2 Traditional Pakistani dresses.  
  1. A suitcase.  
  1. 2 Metal chains.  
  1. 2 small Bluetooth speakers playing sounds (Not loud).  
  1. A mirror.  
  1. A jug and a glass of water.  
  1. A chair  

List of performance movements.  

  1. I am starting with three movements representing birth, strength, and bloom.   
  1. First, fetal position on the floor.  
  1. Second, standing up and walking.  
  1. Third, raising my arms up and breathing.  

My performance in the Arts centre / THE TAKEOVER 2022 Exhibition

Image gallery image
Photo from my mobile phone. (Dan Lewis) 
Image gallery image
Photo from my mobile phone. (Dan Lewis) 
Photo from my mobile phone. (Dan Lewis) 

Pictures of the event by Nidhi, Pola and Sofia. 


My multimedia piece WATAN (maps + performance + objects) is a great achievement for me, but I think it’s not complete yet so I will carry on working on that project. 

Working during this module was interesting and intense but also empowering. I feel like I am improving my skills of creating art but also communicating with others and myself. 

I am planning to revisit my work from semester one, (IP 1) and semester two (IP 2) with tutorial notes during the summer holidays. 

Thank you!

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