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Week 10 – Proposal Form / Conclusion


Were coming towards the end of this semester and the end of 2022. I feel confident about the whole process so far. The book is printed, I’m happy with the quality all things considered in the long run as it’s my first trial of printing a book and I think it went really well. I am also happy with the amount and detail I’ve put into he proposal form compared to last year. There’s not really much to say at this point; I will probably do a 1000 word review like last year even though it’s not necessary on something to do with the everyday and post it on here Friday? We will see.


Today I submitted my proposal form, I have tried to improve massively on last year with more cohesion and effort towards artists etc. The only lacking part I’ve found is the diagrams, I have no way of doing a digital diagram as I have sold my iPad and drawing pencil last year when I moved on to fine art modules and preferred physical drawing to digital. We will just have to see what the result is. I looked through for spelling mistakes at least three time, whether I’ve missed one is most probably due to me missing red underlines or blue underlines from the spell checker.

Below is a screen grab from the final proposal form, I have given correlation on what the development photos mean and have tried a virtual presentation of the book within a room, sadly without hanging photos:


Today I presented my proposal form, I didn’t go with a script as based on last years feedback it would suggest that it would be better, which it has been. I feel that it’s more natural for me that way with some recitation the night before. I received great feedback from my peers and they loved the book too! I timed myself within the ten minutes and just managed to fit it in without mentioning the questions for the arts centre etc. which is also good as least year I went over on one preservation once or twice. The other projects were very interesting and its cool to see again how diverse each project can be.


To conclude on this semester, I would have to start with that being myself having a new way of thinking in this semester. Mainly building upon my first year of I.P, being efficient with my time and realising my potential when it comes to projects and lastly timekeeping. When going through this semester timeframe, I noted to myself that I wanted to do better than last semesters grades if possible (advancing into the 70’s in results) and create something much more professional and final to build upon in semester 2. This approach would have been more difficult compared to last year as all my work would have to be conducted within the SOA and the Parry Williams building, this means that my time would have to be spent wisely as last semester my work was solely based on a work desk at home, meaning I could work on it whenever I deemed fit.

The project I had chosen to do, ‘Faces of the Everyday’, ended up being a printed collection of photos of my time in university over the course of this semester. Originally it had meant to be the public as well as my personal viewpoint, but I had realised quickly It was not doable in the timeframe as I had discussed through tutorials with Miranda and through my own discovery. So, I switched to just my viewpoint within the SOA (School of Art) and the parry Williams building, focusing primarily on what I would see on my day-to-day endeavours.

Over the course of the semester, the photos were coming out extremely well with high levels of contrast and good focus on the subjects in frame. This is thanks to the investment in a macro/zoom lens over the summer, this investment proved to have helped me massively. I maintained focus on the subjects’ details such as face, hands, expression whilst also on the activity they were carrying out in the moment. I would ask their permission then to take the photo. I’m not sure how I would have done without this lens.

I would then realise halfway through the semester through personal discovery that having photos of the SOA itself and parry Williams would hold a strong contrast between photos that have a lot of people into nothing at all and a sense of the buildings having their own personalities themselves. This is noticeable more through the SOA as it’s an older building with more incredible details like wood etc.

The book was organised and created within Adobe’s InDesign software, I was new to this programme but thankfully the learning curve was very small and manged to get the dimensions thought out correctly. Around the end of week 7 to week 8 I then looked up WIXAM for the process of how long it would take to print this book properly and organised the pdf into a printable version in time for week 9 for the proposal in week 10. Thankfully I had enough photos for the book which in the end totalled around 68 pages.

My group led project was again a success which is great and had valuable feedback from my peers, I feel that I planned the time over the three hours successfully and made use of the tools we had. The only drawback is that I couldn’t prepare narratives from the attendees of the workshop due to losing around 20 to 30 minutes at the start for class announcements, so I only had around two and a half hours before cleaning up which couldn’t be helped. There is also an obvious result from this workshop compared to last year’s film which I still haven’t managed to make work within a film format.

The presentation of the proposal form in week 10 was a success in my eyes with great feedback. The book also seemed to receive praise too.

Overall, the process this semester for ‘Faces of the Everyday’ was smooth thanks to me realising the time constraints I had on the project and properly implanting time barriers for the print and how many photos would be needed each week. The book itself is a good first ever attempt for publishing, only negative is the thickness of the pages and would benefit from a hardcover too.

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  1. A strong conclusion to an excellent semester, this mustn’t become an assessment so I will avoid a conclusive comment! you must arrange to leave a copy of the book with me to look at carefully over the marking period, early January. I am very glad you have had such positive feedback from your peers about the book, the presentation and the workshop, you have worked very hard and so deserve it, your work ethic serves as a model for other students, you are a valuable member of the group, well done on a smooth and successful semester.

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