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Week 10 – The Presentation Completion

Nidhi giving her presentation ^

How did my presentation go ?

I felt like my presentation of my project went fairly well in the end. It was far from flawless. One of my main issues was not completing it within the 10 minutes although I was very close to completing my script. I decided to stick with having a mini showcase of my project during the class, I think this is what tipped it over but maybe it was not required in the pitch ?

I think that this was I think that the main issues that I faced were the holes in my submission form. I simply had not had enough time to create a full in depth proposal form and the holes in the position of all the artists was apparent. I needed diagrams in order to have created a more powerful proposal form.

On the plus side my classmates seemed enjoy my pitch and all of the feedback forms had only positive things to say. Which I will take as there was clearly some value in the project and that I was able to communicate it clearly enough for them to understand.

Other peoples Presentations.

It’s the best part of the day to see everyones presentations ! In short this is the strongest set of proposals I’ve been part of. Clearly every student had moments of passion in their project. Something went right here. I wonder whether without the pressure of exhibition and the additional stress has led to some more organic projects created. I believe there just seems to have been less pressure this year for this module, excellent. Also the quality of classmates has been very high.

I was focussing on the script for these presentations. It’s very clear to see how the script is essential for the delivery of a good presentation. However it is subtle. Having a word for word script is not helpful for some. For example some people came alive when they stopped reading from their book ! The best presentations I felt came from an organic place. Students who simply had notes or a bullet point on their document managed to relay their project in an organic format. Scripted presentations worked well for others and it is fair to say that this helped students stay on time and on track. To illustrate this form of organic script making, I noticed how Saad had created a script that allowed him to discuss his project organically. He seemed unshackled by the script and was able to talk emotively and passionately about his project. A testament to how involved he got in it.

Where could my project go ?

I think that my project has only got started. It is a shame that it is completed for submission now. It could have become something a lot more and also something that is more consistent and perhaps played to my skills more as an artist. However there is scope as a traveling installation. The object could be changed. Perhaps I collect more information on different objects. What objects are the best for mental and physical health. The possibilities are endless. In two years this project could travel and move from place to place. It also is similar in many aspects to my previous project “The Dependance on the Two Wheeled Home” . These two projects I think could work together. I think that a 3rd bicycle related project would complete the set. I think it would have to be an installation piece also.

Richard Brooks

Below are Richard’s Tutorial notes. I truthfully haven’t had a chance to get the most out of them yet as everything is a blur at the end of term it’s hard to keep your head above water. Anyway I really look forward to looking at it in depth over the Christmas break.

Tutorial 06/12/22. 1.30 – 2.30pm

Isaac Peat


A body of new photographic exploratory work was presented and discussed as a starting point. Initial dialogue centred around interference within the image; unwanted marks from negative/darkroom process. This indicated a keenness to fulfil a specific vision / expectation of the work, a well shored, cleanliness of process.

Could this personal, self-defining approach to photographic process could be incorporated into your conceptual, performative practice? The professionalism of process applied to conceptual problem-solving? Given your ability to explore both could they be explored as intrinsic to one another?

Conversation moved to the current Interdisciplinary Practice brief (noting deadline was imminent). The project has evolved into something you are beginning to feel strongly about, a positive response after searching for answers over the past weeks. With renewed conviction the project feels as if it has more to offer both artist and viewer. Consider this despite the deadline, take confidence from this late boost in your response to the project, utilise your recent discoveries, understand how they might fuel further performative works?

The development of the found (selected) object as facilitator of dialogue has been key over the past week or so. Advocacy of the benefits of cycling for positive mental and physical health has become key to the project, the hanging object taking on the potential role of ‘Talisman’, connecting ideas and people. A conversation with the potential to change lives? Can a sculptural object effect change in such a manner? Can it be used to communicate such ideals to a wide ranging audience?

Worth reflecting further on this IP journey, Isaac. You appear to have found a route back into your IP mindset, the process and ideas emanating from this period offer an indication of how a combination of both may offer insight into future practice development? Can your performances (and documentation of performance process) become the catalysts for opening new, essential dialogues with the public?

Richard Brooks


Prior figures discussed in relation to current project time-frame (Duchamp, Ai Weiwei, Jean-Claude & Christo, Long)

Not discussed within tutorial but may be useful:

Porkola, P. (2020) Objects that Matter: Performance Art & Objects. [Research]

The after class celebration !

It was incredibly nice to go out after class and I hope it happens again. It was very nice to celebrate our projects together, hopefully next time we get all the groups together !

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