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Week 10- Sarah Gibson

Is the ending sad or relieving?

Friday 9th December

Today we presented our proposal forms.

This really meant the end to a semester. Showing our exhibits that we had come up with over the past few months. The end of an era.

Watching and listening to the others proposal forms was truly a blessing. The brilliant ideas that everyone had. The well thought out exhibit plans were astonishing. You could see the amount of work each individual put into their ideas. I now wish that each of them could have their exhibits produced, that they weren’t just hypothetical.

From my last notebook post, you can see that I was a bit on the fence of what I wanted the theme of my exhibition to revolve around. I finally settled on public interaction.

I want each element of my exhibit to allow viewer interaction.

Each of the 4 artists I choose all have a theme within their projects and that is public interaction. I thought long and hard on which artists I was going to choose. I couldn’t choose any artist, their art had to be relevant, had to be something I like and could relate to.

I want pieces that will stimulate the audience, pieces that will make the viewers long for more.

The 4 artists I ended up choosing;

  • Gillian Wearing
  • Kiori Kawai
  • Marina Abramović
  • Luïza Luz

2 of these artists are artists that I looked at when I was first starting my loneliness project and the other two are artists that I found through research of art pieces that involve public interaction.

All of these artists are so talented and people that I want to learn from now and in the future.

I find that there is a big connection between my project, ‘I’m lonely, can I have a hug?’ and Gillian Wearings project, ‘Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say’. This was Wearings first significant collaboration with members of the public and this just happens to be my first collaboration with the public. I’m not entirely sure what this means but I think it is hopeful; hope for myself, that someday I might create art that is as greatly recognised as Wearings.

Within my proposal form presentation I was sad that I was unable to show any video footage of my own project or that of Kiori Kawai’s. Kawai has a beautiful and touching video of her project ‘NA’, watching it was just hypnotising. I’ll leave the link here, I greatly encourage you to go have a watch of it: ‘NA’

During my presentation I got all that I wanted to say said which I was really happy for, as I, just like everyone else, was worried that I would not be able to convey all that I wanted to the class. I do wish however, that I had an extra five minutes just to show a small portion of my film so that my project was better explained as I feel like I didn’t quite do justice in explaining my own project. I will leave a link to my project video here for whoever wants to watch it; ‘I’m lonely, can I have a hug?’

Below is my completed proposal form, I think it speaks for itself.

Overall I am happy with my proposal form, I am happy with my hypothetical takeover exhibition, I can just imagine it all in my head, how amazing it would be.

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