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week 10: proposal

class work:

for this week we needed to prensent our poposal form:

i ended up going for this presentation without a script, but in hindsight i feel like i should have had some bullet-points to keep me on track. i also wish i had logged inn to Soundcloud as the audio files couldn’t be played properly. overall i think it went well, but i would defiantly go with bullet points next time as rehearsing the presentation without a script, wasn’t enough.

something this taught me though, is that i might have to make the QR codes for a notebook post with the audio on it, rather then send people to soundcloud as not everyone has a user for it.

personal project and reflection:

i ended up making some quick drafts for the QR codes and my instagram QR poster for The TAKEOVER:

i will be working on these designs a little more as i am considering having a statement about the work on them as well, as i wont be able to talk much during the tours etc. could be helpful having something written about the piece before people hear the audio. i also need to create a poster to place outside my installation with a warning label. might change the whole instagram QR poster with a new one as in need to have my instagram on the poster to the left. as i said, these are just very rough drafts for now, but the y should be ready by the time of The TAKEOVER.

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