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Week 10 – Proposal from presentation

Monday 5th, December – Sunday 11th, December

I presented my proposal form in front of the class while using my PDF file on the screen. I also used some pointers and headings in physical card form to help myself and keep the flow while presenting. I managed to cover pretty much all the areas of my proposal form.

Proposal form for the hypothetical execution

Part one live performance

While presenting my form I used video content to accompany my presentation so people can understand my project better.

Part two projection installation

Feedback from my course colleagues

After the presentation I received valuable and positive feedback in the form of constructive criticism on my presentation from my class fellows.


I was trying various things during this semester to present my ideas in front of other people, so it was nice to see variety of different ways to present and pitch your concepts from my classmates. it was a good learning exercise just by observing others and learning from it.

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