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week 10 – matthew hulse

kids running from sea waves on coast
– TAKEOVER preparations –

I decided to go forward with printing out more images for my project in the TAKEOVER. I think they turned out pretty well!

I thought 8 pictures would be a nice balance, seeing as I have produced so much work this semester, it would be a shame to not show more of it. But I couldn’t just decide to add an extra 6 images out of thin air, I went through all my favourite shots and selected them accordingly so that they could fit together. Below is the order in which I want to see the images displayed:

^ Pair 1 ^

^ Pair 2 ^

^ Pair 3 ^

^ Pair 4 ^

I tried to match the images to fit together tonally or to have contrasting parallels in their staging, such as bright spotlight in the middle paired with a darkness in the centre of its partner picture. I hope they look good when mounted. The warmer tone of the paper gives the pictures a polarising warm tone, along with a certain haunting or melancholic sensation.

I also went and scaled them up to A4, and they look pretty good. I don’t think the jump ruined the resolution. Now I just have to flatten them out and mount them before the TAKEOVER.

– proposal form presentation –

The presentation went alright. I was a bit nervous even though I had timed myself. I managed to make it to the 10 minute mark when I practiced at home, but I think I must have rambled a bit somewhere during the actual presentation.

The feedback I received was very helpful. Even though I had physical printouts with me I didn’t consider to show them while presenting. Another comment suggested I could be a little more colourful with my delivery, which is valid; I think that I come off a bit robotic when presenting. Other than that my feedback was mostly positive with other minor improvements that I should focus on.

– final thoughts before the TAKEOVER –

I. AM. BRICKING. IT. It’s not funny, I am scared. This will be my first and last TAKEOVER, and I am just scared that it’s not going to go well. I feel I have a strong body of work, but what concerns me is that it won’t get the attention it needs or deserves; but I suppose that’s how it is in any exhibition, so this is a moment of learning.

Well… I wish myself luck for what’s to come.

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