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Week 10 – Mason Eaton

Final Pieces

‘Birds and Boiling Rice’ – Final Piece 1

‘Bonfire Beach’ – Final Piece 2

‘Water’ – Final Piece 3

Project Evaluation

This project began with looking at the theme of the Everyday through Sound. I investigated sounds that surrounded me in my everyday life, and those that I focused on more than others. I recorded these sounds and experimented with editing and composing them into audio pieces. I then researched symbolism and spirituality in an investigation into why I was drawn to these sounds, or why they were drawn to me. This lead me down a research path of how sounds affect you psychologically; psychoacoustics. Looking further into the psychology of sound, I produced automatic drawing responses whilst listening to my audio pieces, as a way of transforming my audio pieces into a visual form. This developed into a way of analysing my audio pieces through the filter of my subconscious, then consciously reconstructing my interpretation of how the sound affected me psychologically. I researched more into Automatism and automatic response within art, and found myself very inspired to produce more in depth audio pieces with the intention of creating a psychological response that would be recognisable in my automatic response to listening to the audio. This lead to the production of my three final pieces which are audio pieces accompanied by automatism pieces, which would be hypothetically exhibited together.


Overall, I am pleased with my work in this project. I haven’t worked experimentally with sound before, nor with automatism, so it was an interesting experience. I also usually work in a surrealist, yet detailed style, so pushing myself to produce in a less controlled, abstract way, was very different for me. The project evolved from my experience of the Everyday to an investigation into psychology and sound in Art, through research and experimentation. My projects often evolve into something analytical and explorational, so I’m glad that I was ale to do tat freely within this project and produce something as a result. Next semester, I will have a much better understanding of how to work in Interdisciplinary practise, and will produce another project hopefully at a higher quality, within the time constraints.

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