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Week 10 – Fin, results

Week 10 marks the end of this project, its been an interesting development from the start. From misunderstanding the brief and thinking there were two projects originally, to combining the two projects to make one big one (film).

Upon feedback from the tutorial last week, I had some helpful and conclusive feedback in regards to the film, but the problem I’ve faced is that to implement these changes I would have to completely re-record the narrative and re-edit the film entirely. A lesson learnt for myself is that if Id had this feedback a few weeks prior then I would be able to implement the constructive feedback properly.

I feel that the shots I managed to collect are cinematic to an extent, some are very grounded but with lack of experience I believe it has been successful.

So the film was completed at 4:01 with my own music, shots and narration throughout. I am overall very satisfied for a first time production and project. If I were to mark a similar project involving media I would approach the structure and planning differently (storyboards, shot planner) so that it would be a more streamlined experience, saying that though I didn’t have the final idea in my head until week 3 at least.

Today I also informally presented my project proposal over teams as sadly the someone had influenced the class to be online instead of in person, this was a shame as an in person presentation would of helped preparation for next weeks formally presented version to take place. Despite this I believe it went well all things considered and the form is complete and the film is to a high quality, a proper viewing of the film will be held next week as the film would not of been presented to its finest form over teams streaming.

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