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Week 10 – APPROACHING TAKEOVER – Semester 2


My project is a process of creation of a story inspired by research, as well as by my family members and memories. My aim is to educate myself and broaden my horizons – that’s why I decided to collaborate with my friends and colleagues and collect their responses.

These responses collected on my research cards will then be turned into inspiration for my story – the house and character designs, as well as the chapters themselves. Through trial and error, I’m still learning the best ways of creatively challenging my peers, as well as incorporating their feedback into my project.

As it’s my final semester at Aberystwyth University, I decided to come out of my shell and make the process much more external than all of my previous projects.

This week has been quite hectic, but very exciting. I have changed the formula for my feedback-pitching cards to allow more room for creativity!

01.05.2022 – Experimentation (Library)

01.05.2022 – Experimentation (Kid’s Bedroom)

01.05.2022 – Experimentation (Master Bedroom)

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