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week 10

-proposal form-

Now that my project is complete this week I became focused on my proposal form, completed over the weekend and the script for the presentation.

I really enjoyed the planning for this proposal form, despiting worrying I would find it a stressful experience through the detailed organisation of the singular artists and how they would be presented effectively in a space I wasn’t familiar with.

However, I found this allowed me to be more creative, such as with Dorothea Tanning’s section of the exhibition that would take place in the theatre. Had I already been familiar with the environment I may have not considered the theatre, to begin with, and instead focused on my first choice which I would have believed to have been the best, originally considering the logistics of space to portray the artist’s work and not the atmosphere created.

An interesting part was deciding on questions I may want to ask, which truth be told I did Google, leading me to consider elements finance-wise like how are may be purchased which I hadn’t previously considered despite it being a vital part of the exhibition.

Overall I’m really proud of my project and its inclusion within the exhibition in regards to the overall theme which I originally hadn’t considered in such detail before researching for the proposal form.

When it came to the actual presentation I found myself stumbling, despite having a clear plan and usually being perfectly fine talking in front of a group, I believe the formal delivery of it threw me off, leading me to find it incredibly anxiety-inducing. After reviewing my peer feedback I believe having clearer, simpler notes which I can then expand on for my script will be suitable in preventing me from becoming overwhelmed for future reference in regard to my notebook presentation in week 11.

-reflecting on the term-

I’m really happy and proud of how I’m concluding creative arts for this term. Truthfully I was uncertain at the start of this term.

To begin with, I’d completed my A-Levels barely finishing my art project on time as a result of being adamant about how I wanted the final result, leading to poor time management and being unprepared for any changes leading me to be unsatisfied with the final result. Therefore, I was nervous going into this project about repeating past mistakes, however after discussing my initial plan with Miranda I was conscious of how I was heading down the same path and I’m extremely grateful for her guidance which allowed me to become more open to change and comfortable having uncertainties towards the final product, simply starting small.

Finally, I’ve always been comfortable in my own company, happy to get on with my artwork in my own space. It is because of this that when I was initially introduced to Miranda’s questions at the start of each session I felt negative towards them as I wasn’t used to it. However, as time progressed I became more open to the concept and it became one of my favourite parts of the sessions. This then progressed into me enjoying the group environment more, loving the discussions the questions evoked.

From here, it progressed to the workshops where I found I worked better and was comfortable in a group, content with my situation.

Overall I feel as though this term has provided me with a more open and positive outlook in and outside of classes, and I am no longer so strict with myself on what must be done and how it has to be done.

I loved my time in this group, in this class, and this term and I can’t wait to see where I can go from here with the hope of exploring more genres and mediums I’m somewhat unfamiliar with as a major element of my work, much like spray paint was in such an abstract manner.

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