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Week 10 – Conclusion / Takeover


This week I have been incredibly unwell, but pushing through to keep attendance at a maximum. Today is also project proposal day and then next week will be the Takeover and Tonnau Film Fest at the uni also.

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the proposals in person due to testing positive for COVID but I attended and proposed on teams. Not the outcome I would of wanted for attendance but I tried my best.

Tonnau Short Film Fest


Looking back again over semester 2 and the first year in general, it’s been a fairly valuable experience overall. I feel like I would want to be in studying in person more within the CA room more going forward, but 3 hours a week is enough. I definitely enjoyed semester 1 and the theme the most. In terms of my project this semester I am content with the outcome, I do wish I could of approached it differently with better materials etc but the music is definitely a highlight of the short film.

I definitely think I will approach more of an instillation / live project in semester of year 2, as I feel I should steer away from films for a while.


Unfortunately due to isolating and still testing positive, I couldn’t attend the takeover. But I arranged with the cinema to still project my film on loop anyway for the day to not fully miss out on the opportunity. I am still gutted I couldn’t go though. I’m sure everyone will be amazing though! I can’t stress how much of a bad timing being this unwell has been though, it has really put a downer on the last week of my first year and it’s a real shame but I have worked the hardest I could of done this year either way.


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