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week 10 

This week I filled in my proposal form for my hypothetical exhibition and presented it online in front of the class. It was an intense learning experience for me filling in the form and getting my exhibition together, for example working with other people (models and cameramen). I also learned the importance of rehearsing and tweaking performance before the actual shoot. 

During the making of this project specifically when I was securing the location for my photo shoot at the Art Center, I got the chance to meet an active artist Danny May, so I asked for his permission to shoot first part of my project in front of his sculpture exhibition (Hideous, Beasts and Corpses). 

I was happy with the photographs I took, and I think it served a static purpose for what I was looking for. 

Photographs of my work:

process / documentation / result

After finishing my practical work related to this project and filling in my form, I presented my presentation in person in front of my class (week 11).

During this presentation I was nervous in the beginning, but I think my biggest problem was reading my presentation. I only managed to read the first and second part of my presentation and it was because of my dyslexia. I was also very relieved that my classmates and the head tutor Miranda were very patient with my slow reading and pronunciation. With their help of reading the 3rd and 4th part by themselves, I was able to finish my presentation explaining my project documentation images with my own words. 

Overall, this 10-11 week journey was an amazing experience to learn the importance of process and professional side of being an artist but also preparing yourself for pitching your ideas in front of curators. 

pictures of my journey: 

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