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Week 10-11

My final exhibition.

This week was my final week in which I put together my installation. I had a guest come in and participate with my features and took photos of them engaging with the pieces.

The below photos are of my installation in the light, these are taken to give some clarity and a greater sense of space prior to my immersion.

The photos below show my guest going through and participating with the different pieces, including writing her own memories at the back of the book where I intended. These photos also show the particulars use of the torchlight and how dark the room was.

A snippet from the full length video exploring my project. Here I have a quick over view from the majority of the room.


To briefly reflect on my work, I feel I successfully expressed myself in opening up my identity more so than I would normally be comfortable doing. I felt vulnerable watching my guest go through my installation almost as if she was snooping through chapters of my life. My work had a considerable amount of development and experimentation, I spent a large amount of time thinking about who I am and what it was I wanted to create.

If I was to redo my project I would love to have a much bigger darker space like an empty theatre to make my project feel more as if you were entering another dimension. I would possibly work bigger or simply have more pieces peeling back layers of myself that I possibly wasn’t comfortable with exploring.

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