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week 10

The last post for this semester! That’s crazy how fast time flies! It’s been a rough semester, but it came to an end…

I’ll put my summary later in this post. Let’s take a look at my finished proposal form, which I’m very proud of. I think it is the best proposal form so far and I put a lot of effort into preparing it. I know that my most significant strength is the photos that I put in there!

I also think the structure of this week’s class got much better than in the previous semester. We talked strictly for 10 minutes – no more. Last year when we presented our proposals sometimes it took about 20-25 minutes for only one person to read everything from there. This is a great chance and it’s visible that this module is still improving. I also enjoyed watching others’ proposals and it’s nice to see the improvement of their work throughout this semester.

Here are links to videos from the proposal form


To sum up this semester was rough. I am not talking about workshops, but about my personal improvement of the work. I had many hardships in these past few months, especially with software. Everything that could go wrong went wrong – and it kept going. I am not fully satisfied with my project – but to be honest I am saying this every semester about my work. Maybe I am a little bit of a perfectionist? Or maybe people are never truly satisfied with their own work. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot during this semester. From things about myself, thanks to Crime and Punishment to even using 3D modelling software! I find this skill very important for my future. My main dream now is to be a tattoo artist, but having a backup plan to work as a designer, or working on games production is also key. I also learnt how to cope and deal with the above-mentioned issues and not to get under pressure. I do not say that I did not get under pressure this semester,  but I have been taught, that even if I think everything goes wrong and I am in a terrible situation now, later everything will work and turn out just fine. It gives me hope for the next semester and will motivate me to do better. I honestly prefer a second semester of the year, because the weather, in contrast to semester one gets better and better. The days got longer and my bad autumn mood flows away. I am also excited to see what the next semester will bring us in terms of workshops and classes. This half of a year was exciting and even though I did the same theme as 3 years ago ( oh my I am feeling old). It was so much different, because of people and my own mindset. I feel myself more and more when I am speaking English and it was a huge struggle for me when I was in my first year because I did not know who I was. I was two different people – the Polish version of me and the English one. I could not recognize myself. Now I think I became unity with these two selves. I have a much better relationship with my class colleagues, and I enjoy IP classes much more. It is a creative and developing module, that is not so ordinary. It lets us find new fields of art that we are interested in, the ones that we would not even guess. It is also nice to see first years being so passionate and ready to start this awesome journey. I hope that they will have a great time there for the next 2,5 years. I can not wait to see what the future holds!

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  1. Yes it was your best ever proposal, just look at that document to see what a professional thing it looks! it looks amazing, you should be very proud Pola, yes some self critique is vital but allow yourself a little self congratulation too, you have come so perhaps cannot see the development yet, while still in it, but trust me it is huge. Well done for going that step further into VR, that really pushed this project to another level and well done for the thorough documentation of how it works, would work, I really like the circle of plinths in the Round Studio, thats a tight idea and visual concept, I do hope you will keep considering your strengths and keep building on them.

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