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I can’t believe I am writing the last post of this academic year, this semester really has flown by, although looking back at all my posts this year and how my project and I have progressed I can see the amount of work and growth that this second year has brought me. During this week we did the presentation of our project proposals to the group and it was very exciting to get a peak into everyone’s development and final projects, as well as to see how all of my classmates keep improving and learning about their own practice.

For some reason, I was a bit nervous during my presentation, but I managed to pull through it and tried to implement feedback from my last proposal presentations, for example starting my presentation by playing an extract of the film instead of just talking about it.

After getting a little run down of everyone’s projects I can’t wait to see them all fully at the Takeover and be able to spend some time with them!


During this week I have only focused on tweaking the sound and music of the film, as the visual aspect is finished, I had another Zoom meeting with Vincent, the person that does the music in my film, and explained to him a few quick changes that I want him to take care of before the screening of it in the Arts Centre, and i am now waiting for him to send them back to me so that I can hand in the final film to the Arts Centre already, as they need to have it in advance to ply it in a loop. I am stressing a little bit about this time constriction but I have decided that if he doesn’t send me the changed audio over today or tomorrow I will just hand in the old version.


Reflecting on this semester as a whole there are many things that I am happy and proud of as well as things that I am looking forward to working on further next year. I am especially happy with the way that this semester more than any other I have been able to involve the IP workshops and the notebook structure in my own practice. I believe that after these four semesters of doing IP, I have finally been able to find a balance between what I am exposed to in class and my personal ideas, as well as to open up to other types of approaches to art that I am not that familiar with. On the other hand, I am also happy with the way in which this semester I have finally been able to base my practice around experimentation rather than imposing a stressful and in some way creatively limiting structure to my practice. Perhaps by already having a project to continue the work from the last semester, I have been able to relax about idea creation and just dive into the process of the edition, sound, and recording. Looking back I realize how much idea creation has happened through experimentation with editing. I can clearly see a big difference in the film’s message from last semester and from the message that it has to me and hopefully everyone at the moment. It seems that my own research and interests throughout the semester have dissolved into the film both in conscious and unconscious ways and have turned it into a new gem with deeper meanings and connections.

From this project, I also take the learning about curating a project, as that is basically what I have been doing during these 10 weeks, and I am glad to see the big differences that decision-making, rerecording, and asking for feedback have made in my film and how much they have improved it. This whole process has made me want to pursue curation further as an interesting source of creativity and idea development. Looking forward I also want to dig deeper into sound and sound editing as I am aware that it is one of the things that my project is weaker on and that I have a big space to learn from.

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