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With the tutorial I had, I was taken aback with the short amount of time I had to work on my project. I do feel I did now show the best pictures.

To elaborate on these pictures and lack of detail of the written pieces are because the themes are based on my childhood nightmares, they hold secrets. memories that have suffocated me, they hold words which make water run down my face – These boxes hold the pain of wounds that no one saw – reasons behind the fake smile that everyone saw. There are tails that lay deep within my heart buried inside that wouldn’t surface.

Talk about certain topics in person

I recreated the installation with the time I had and Mike Varney, an amazing photographer helped me take some more pictures

Overall it has been an informative semester.. I learnt and expanded on my skills.

I cant believe this is the last last time I will be standing here presenting.

My proposal form:




I need the divider for the studio space

plug point and how many

Can someone who has a certified qualification with manual handling program and health and safely help me with my project

I will add a proper conclusion after I have presented and solved issues with my installation

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