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Week 10 & 11

Proposal form


I think that I started to develop good artistic practice during this semester. I’m proud of how my final project turned out and how I got to this point. I’m proud that my final installation ties in with all of the concepts that I was exploring during this semester. I can see my process of development and how step by step it led me to my final piece.
I think that during this semester I also had a better theoretical base for my project. I did a lot of research- referring to different artists and different books. I can see how it is important for the project to have knowledge in the field that you’re exploring and how important the relevant artists are to your practice. I think this is something that I still definitely have to work on but at the same time, I can see a big progress in the good direction.
I’m very proud that this semester I have all of the weekly posts in my notebook. It wasn’t always easy but I posted all of them and I think all of them have good content that summarises each week. Sometimes I did have to force myself to sit down and write it but I made it through. I can see why it’s important and looking back on it during our presentation made me realise how much work I put into this project. I can see clear week-by-week progress and how my project was taking different turns. It’s nice to look back at it and see how it got me to my final work.
I love how my final project turned out. It started as something more related to photography but over time it became something different. it started to have more layers. I explore concepts that I didn’t even think of at the beginning. The concepts of narrative, editing, curating, thoughts and descriptions are still quite unexplored in the field of the art world. I’m amazed that that’s where my project got me. The themes for each week exploring different things relate perfectly to the topic of every day. I was just living my everyday life and letting the inspiration find me- trying to capture the moment. Then I started to add descriptions/narratives to these photos and curate them, choosing a special one from each week. Thinking about why I chose it. What makes it special? And with all of those thoughts running through my head- I wanted to share that piece of me. To share the experience and what is happening in my headspace. That’s what I try to illustrate in my installation. To invite a viewer into my reality.
To sum up, I’m very happy with my work this semester. I had some intentions in week 1 and I can proudly say that I feel fulfilled. There are still things to work on but I can see big progress in the good direction. For the next semester, I want to maintain these work practice and develop it further.

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