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Week 10

This semester ending feels emotional to me, I feel proud of myself. This project has developed and finished at a stage I never expected. I have surprised myself and pushed further. This project has helped me connect to myself. It’s helped me to gain empathy and to be softer to myself. Looking a concrete image of how my thoughts are what I’ve gone through and I still have the courage and heart to smile laugh and love. During this project I did go through a phase where i just wanted things to stop, I wanted to leave – But with support I pushed through.

Course wise, I was pleased how my project proposal was – I felt confident when I presented it this semester – I was happy with the photography and documentation. In reflection moving forward i need to figure out ways to communicate further even tho I like to stay private with my thoughts – Even now with this project I feel like there is a spotlight on my mind I feel sort of naked and exposed that personally is not something I am ready for just yet maybe making my blog private next semester might help.

I do have my whole CA group of this semester for supporting smiling laughing with me. I feel I’ve learnt something from everyone and with their appreciation and acknowledgment towards me – It made me feel happier valued and myself. As weekly documentation was something that seemed to be enjoyed by a lot of people but as this project developed from a very vulnerable place, i am just not ready enough.

To end this semester

I also have my lecturer to thank as she has pushed me guided me and supported me to a position where, I look back and I feel proud of myself.


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