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week 1 part C

I was talking to me, what is home to you Abidish? 

Me: I do not know, I used to have an answer to this question but not anymore. I am a refugee, I have a flat (shelter) but not a home. So it is complicated now.  

Screenshots of my google notes

One of my perspectives about HOME

Pictures of the four different rooms of my HOME planet.

Lahore, London, Shrewsbury, Aberystwyth and expanding. I am welcome in all the rooms except the oldest one. That is where my roots are, or maybe I do not have any roots Like the Marimo Moss plants we are hosting in the creative arts studio space. 

Picture of Marimo Moss

Home is more than a word or a physical structure, to me home changes with your circumstances. 

Home loves you unconditionally, home never leaves you alone, home is a journey, it’s an idea, it’s a philosophy, it’s a concept, it’s a feeling, it’s an emotion, it’s a connection, it’s a place within place. 

It’s a relation, it’s essential, it’s a safe, it’s security, home is alive, and I am my home.  

I was my home from the day I born and I will be my home for the rest of my life. 

My home, my body, will keep my belongings safe. My stories, my memories, my laughs, my tears, my secrets, my feelings, my emotions, my opinions, my conclusions, my conscious, everything will be safe far beyond reach, even when I am in my grave. 

Individual tutorial

My first individual tutorial with Miranda gave me confidence and a good direction to pick one of the ideas and start working on it. 

Pictures of 1st individual tutorial

Experimentation with ideas to pick 1 

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