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week 1 part A

Screenshot of an Email by Miranda Whall

Advance release of this topic (HOME) helped me to think about the theme and have conversations with friends and family. I noticed home means a different thing to each one of us. 

My question was, “How do you describe Home?” and in response to that some said: 

it’s a place where your family lives,  

It’s a place where you were born,  

It’s a place where you feel free,  

It’s a place where you have friends and connections,  

It’s a place where you wanna spend your Christmas holidays,  

It’s a place within your house where you feel comfortable (your spot),  

It’s a place where you start your own family, 

It’s a feeling of safety and comfort,  

It’s a shelter where you feel protected,  

It’s a place you are emotionally connected to,  

It’s the most influential architecture in your life,  

It’s a memory of landscape in your head,  

and so on…  

After I came back to Aberystwyth, I decided to do some thinking through sketching around the idea of HOME.  

A sketch of my home I grew up in

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