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Week 1- Development of the project

This week I decided to start by creating a sketch of the structure that I would try to stick to during this semester in order to stay on top of the project and don’t keep postponing the practical process of the project. As miranda told us that the deadline would be forwarded I realized that this semseter I’m going to have to stay on top of things better.

During this week I also started to center more on the development of the visual side of the documentary in terms of images adn sets insead of just development of the idea.

Following the advice in the tutorial of staying active whilst on the brainstorming process I decided to buy a ticket for the EYE festival, a photography festival ocurring this weekend in the Arts Centre. The festival basically consisted on interviews to internationally renowned photographers that came to the stage and answered questions whilst they showed their photography. I’ve really enjoyed this experience across the whole three days that it took place.

After the experience I decided to write down a reflexion of all my thoughts after it so I could ground my thoughts and reflect about my documentary:

This experience made my change my idea of what I want to carry out in my personal film. I now want to treat the topic of expressing our truth and looking for it creating a video in which I’m not quite sure if the character in it or just the camera (me) is metaphorically interviewing the reality/nature around it. Trying to express that same extra kindness and openess that an interviwer has to have towards it’s subject interviewed, so that this one feels comfortable and opens itself ad it’s secrets. I would like to pursue the idea of treating nature and the everyday in the same way as you would treat the subject of your interview, an honest expression of ourselves in the most vulnerable way in order to let the world around you unfold itself, an attentive outlook to our surroundings.

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  1. Sofia, great you got to the Eye festival and wrote notes on a speaker? looks like it had an influence on your ideas..I recommend you put the pages of your notebooks into a carousel or tiled gallery so the rather hard to read pages don’t take up so much space on your notebook page. The first part of your statement of intention at the end of the post is hard to understand, can you try re- writing this?, it seems like a very important paragraph, so try to articulate it better, this would benefit you I am sure.

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