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Week 1- Choices

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky

I spent the first week figuring out what I wanted to base my individual projects on. Looking back on previous projects that I had done and some that I rather never finished or felt like I could’ve invested more time into, which brought me back to something I tried during my A level studies.

During a portion of my A levels I was home sick from school and had a really hard time getting work done, so my teacher gave me a simple set task to help me try and keep up with all the work and to potentially help me feel better in myself. He set me the task of taking a ‘selfie’ everyday and they drawing/painting/collaging over the images based on how I was feeling each day. It became sort of self confessional and I used it as a way to open myself up a bit.

I wanted to look into this concept more as the timing of the previous chance led to a lack of research and detail and I think that with the available resources and the time I would be able to delve deeper into this project and actually do it justice.

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