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Week 1 – Becky

Last semester and January show

Thoughts on last semester, very interesting but enjoyable. I met some new, very talented friends and survived my first few months as a student!

I had not been in education for 7 years prior to Uni, so getting into a routine of work and meeting deadlines was stressful but I learnt a lot about time keeping and not overwhelming myself with the workload. I learnt new skills from the workshops like making a Claymation and finding the confidence to present PowerPoints and presentations.

I was pleased with my final project and the feedback I received, it was definitely a confidence boost after spending so much time thinking I did not belong there and suffering with imposter syndrome.

The Christmas break was much needed for my mental health, but i’m ready for the new semester!

During January I participated in the Art show featured in the School of Art. My project from last semester was displayed amongst all the talented artists in the school. I spent my time serving wine to guests and having a look at the amazing work displayed, and meeting people on the same course who I have never seen before.

New semester

I am excited for this new semester, the break was great but during January it gets too long with the cold weather and getting dark early, Christmas is over and i can never stick to my new year resolutions. And I find being alone too long without a specific routine starts to take a toll on me.

This semesters theme is Time. My first reaction when I read this was DOCTOR WHO! But I am worried I can’t make an original project out of this without just copying the idea already made.

We spent the first Workshop making notes of good and bad things about the January Art show and how we can incorporate and improve on this for the Takeover. I wrote down how the Wine as soon as you came in to the School of Art was a nice touch and people liked the live entertainment halfway through. Everything was well presented and people were communicating.

A few things to improve on could be where the art was displayed. I was under the impression it was all in a few Rooms at the School of Art, but some pieces were displayed in the Creative Arts block which I think was confusing for some people if they did not know it was there.

We then spent the last hour creating a person from a prompt provided, and coming up with creative ways on getting them to the exhibit and keeping them interested. My person was Julie, she is 53, she has a part time job in her local pub. She only shops at M&S, she’s from Telford and has a pet parrot that whistles the exorcist theme some at her. She loves listening the the radio and reading about exhibitions and live performances online and in the news. She would attend the Takeover out of interest, but to keep her there we would need a live performance of some kind like music or improv acting. And a good review or recommendation from previous takeover events.

Project ideas

At this very moment I am struggling with ideas. I want to do something with Doctor Who as it’s my favourite tv show and obviously the biggest theme is Time. I need to talk with Miranda and gather some ideas together.

Goals for semester!

My goals for this semester are to keep on top of the notebooks, gain the confidence to present the presentations in front of everybody rather than being to scared to stand up, and to be more involved in shows outside of the Uni.

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  1. talk to Matthew about Dr Who, see his notebook, perhaps talking to him might help you with starting ideas, take a concept from Dr Who, a tiny detail, you just need a very simple starting point, hunch to follow, a thing to begin..don’t over think it, just take something for a walk..

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