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week 1

Introduction lecture 

In the first Seminar of Interdisciplinary practice (1) there was a detailed introduction to the module and its Structure, information about weekly online Notebook post and how to make a post, marking criteria and the announcement of the theme (journey) for the 2021 project. 

During this informative introductory lecture, a hazy work plan and a visual map were formed part on the paper and part in my head.


The announced theme for the project is Journey! which is great and I’m extremely happy about that because this topic gives you the freedom to do many things Perhaps anything. If you stop for a minute and look around, you’ll see that everything in this universe is on a journey, rock turning into pebbles, waves travelling to crash into beaches, winds are moving between the valleys and through our fingers the list of journeys happening is limitless and therefore the ideas for the project are countless. 

By the end of the class, I had several ideas but after spending some time with my notes and some brainstorming, I saw my project divided into three pieces of work. 

  1. Building a brand 
  1. Documenting my Emotional journey of being an artist throughout the process. 
  1. Art pieces in the result of this journey 
Image from Lanvin IG account.
Image from Versace IG account.

I am learning that it is as important to enjoy the process during the experimentation as reaching your goal. 

Weekly work strategy: 

Receiving the information during seminars via making notes. 

Processing the information during the week and coming up with ideas. 

Experimenting and exploring with those ideas to get some results in any form, shape or media. 

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