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Week 1

What kind of journey do I wish to embark on?

So many ideas, yet seemingly never enough time. Time is always something I associate with (a) journey, whether it be the time it takes to get to somewhere, or the time it takes for something to grow and then inevitably decay – in my mind they go hand in hand.

This is where my journey began with this project, the inspiration was time.

Its journey we will never know the full extent of, the history of the journey of time. When did time begin? What existed at the beginning of time? Is time infinite? If time is infinite, how does that contrast against the linear ideology of journey, the act of travelling from one place to another, if there were no beginning and no definite end?

I do not yet fully know the direction I wish to go in to explore this thought, or what media/medium I shall use to convey it, but I’m sure the answers will come to me in time.

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