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I have really enjoyed this first week of class, both in IP and IN the rest of my modules, I feel filled with excitement to learn and create. There is something about it being the third year and being established with everything around you whilst knowing that you only have one year left at uni that makes me feel a hunger towards my modules quite beyond the one in the first and second year.

During the first tutorial of IP5, we did different exercises to start thinking about our projects, like writing a letter or casting a written spell to ourselves. I really enjoyed both as writing really helps me organize and develop my words. In both my notes and written exercises I basically explain how I want my project this semester to possibly be somewhere between photography and poetry and tackling the way in which women interact with space or feel entitled to own it. 

I went to see a photography exhibition this summer of Inge Morath, one of the most important female photojournalists to this day. I was really touched by the exhibition, I really loved her photographs, but mostly I was struck by the difference of style she has from the also famous best friend of her’s, Henri-Cartier Breson. Even though they are both photojournalists and that they did a lot of photography together I can see a big difference in the way that both artists approach their subjects. In the case of Morath, it is in a much more distanced and quiet manner, not intruding into the subject’s personal space. 

This exhibition was the starting point for what is going to become my project, as it got me thinking about the ways in which women  I know personally or as artists, or even myself move through space or rather don’t feel entitled to claim it or own it in the same way as men do. Since then I have mentally reviewed a lot of different experiences where I have felt uncomfortable with occupying too much space, feeling frustrated for not making myself seen enough or not feeling empowered to be comfortable doing so. Eventually, the idea of space has opened up to have a wider personal meaning, I have started to regard my uncomfortably when expressing certain aspects of my personality and sexuality loudly as also being tied to my relationship with space (both mental and physical). During this semester I want my project to tackle the way in which women assert themselves in space. I strongly believe in the importance of language and images as tools for self-projection and self-actualization, so that’s what I intend to create. 

In this week’s workshop, we covered the introduction to the module and got to know everyone’s skills, as well as experienced what it felt like to be looked at, which weirdly didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. We also wrote down our creative skills, which was a great way to gain confidence for the upcoming project.

A bit of research and inspirations…..


Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep and I had all sorts of revelations about my project which I wrote down on notes, as my phone was the only thing close to me. My ideas have started to take shape in some sort of exhibition somewhere in Aberystwyth, which will include a photographic series of mine, combined with some texts from friends and other women that I will have curated into the exhibition, and a projected experimental short film or documentary (I am not sure yet). Everything is very fresh and flexible but I am starting to get very excited about this project.

Taking advantage of having to be in Barcelona for the weekend and having an art fair happening this weekend in the city, I have gone to see if I got any ideas. Mostly I have found interesting the way in which they have displayed the art and how they curated the space to give a casual and conversational feel.

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