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Week 1

Interdisciplinary 5

An Unexpected

I rarely ever miss a lesson and I unfortunately missed the first group tutorial, upon talking to classmates, I discovered that this semester’s theme is Listening art and Site-specific Art. When it comes to the idea of site-specific art, upon research at a quick glance, it seems that refers to the intervention an artist has when creating specific pieces of art that are integrated with its surroundings. The relationship between the art and its surroundings is also explored. 

With a quick dive into Tate, it is also factual that, when it comes to Site-specific, the artwork would not work as a sole piece if removed from its location, as the surroundings is a substantial part of its meaning also. Whereas land art is site-specific almost by definition entirely. There are some early examples of this work, for instance in 1977, Chicago, an oversized steel baseball Bat was created and situated at 100 feet high. This ball was created from local sourced, open lattice steel, which holds a close reference to the area’s link to baseball whilst also resembling a police truncheon, which gives sentiment to the violent past that Chicago holds in its history. 

The ‘Batcolumn’ was designed by Claes Oldenburg, consisting of steel and aluminium, painted with polyurethane enamel. Located in the Harold Washington Social Security Centre, it was commissioned in 1975 by the Art in Architecture Program of the United Stated General Services Administration in conjunction with the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Batcolumn
Claes Oldenburg

Blind drawing @Janos

What follows next was throwing my skills, abilities etc. on a paper then seeing if anyone would connect mine to theirs using string. This was awesome as it got us to know each other further as well as seeing potential collaborations. + it creates an awesome piece to look at.

Draw the person without looking at your paper and see what happens? This took me back to my first ever lesson at uni with Julian for the drawing module but this time led by Caitlin. Always a good ice-breaker for sure. This is a sure fire way of relaxing the mood and creating a nice atmosphere.

A refreshing introduction to my final year. I can’t wait to get stuck in.

An idea springs to mind – what if, in the case of site specific art, the surrounding is the art and the sound cannot live without the subject? What if I could make a film with an emphasis on the sound but with the subject being site specific? E.g a tree, waves, construction, shops?

Or in the case of a film, this film could involve me capturing the sounds but using film/digital photography to be the driving point. Yes the movie will comprise of photographs but the listener can imagine the scene by hearing the sounds from the moment the photo is taken?

I believe the next course of action will to write down or plan some potential shots, and test my microphone setup in preparation. In terms of choosing digital or 35mm film, I definitely prefer the look of film but it’s a question of cost. In my photography module, I will already be buying a lot of film, so for this module too would incur a considerable level of funds. Digital photography may be the way to go, potentially with a mix of live footage too.

I wished to start my photography tryouts for this semesters project this week to get things started, but unfortunately it’s been a very unproductive first week as I just can’t shake this flu. But the groundwork is there and over this weekend the photos will start pouring in.

My relationship with Lofi. 
When I was working in hospitality until 3am I used to find it extremely hard to wind down when I got home from with. I was absolutely wired. To counter this I used to live on the NOSTALGIC video playlist by the YouTube channel NEOTIC. These videos gained quite big popularity fluxes due to the popularity of vapour-wave, simpsonswave, Lo-Fi, lo-fi girl playlists and more. These tracks tend to bring about the pure essence of nostalgia or a feeling of times lost. Lofi is perfect for reflection, working, sleeping or just purely hanging out. I mention all this as my project will have some elements of lofi attached with the way I will be recording and mixing the sounds I find in the movement.

A good example of this would be this: 

This particular instagram account constant shares content focusing on liminal spaces and nostalgia vibes. I find these to be extremely effective.

The process

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