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Week 1

Reflection on the last semester and plans for the coming months

Last semester I took my project to my privet space: my bedroom.

I recorded myself falling asleep and sleeping as a part of my every day. I had few difficulties along the way which I hope I will avoid this time around as I will continue with the sleeping project. I want to continue last semesters project as I haven’t achieved what I planned for, and this semester’s theme will still fit perfectly with what I have in mind. 

This semester I want do record enough footage to edit a film I wanted to make in the previous one.

First class

We a start of a new semester, the first class is always an introductory presentation by Miranda where she officially gives us this semester’s theme, talks about changes in the module and establishes all the deadlines. 

This semester’s theme is TIME. 

We also got quite a few changes to the module’s structure. Instead of two lectures where we draw and write out notes during the presentation, we now have one lecture with breaks to draw and write to avoid missing any of the material Miranda prepared for us. 
We will also have two TIME workshops lead by Tim as well two other workshops for our group projects.
Another new activity Miranda introduced was talking a closer look on socio-demographical groups that can be our audience for the TAKEOVER. We spent the last hour reading and creating our own new person from demographics we randomly selected. 

I got ‘fun, fashion and friends’.

My person’s name is Victoria and she’s 27. She leaves with her partner of 5 years. She has a BA in social media and works remotely form home. Her main social media app is Instagram, and she uses Pinterest for inspiration almost religiously. She loves to go out with her friends and try new things. 

I don’t know ‘Victoria’ in my life, but she reminds me of my best friend. They live in Poland so unfortunately, they are not coming to the TAKEOVER, however I have another friend that fits that demographic. Her name I Lizzy and she’s the person I said I will bring to the TAKOVER. 

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