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Week 1

January show 

The beginning of this new semester was right after the January show that took place on the 27th of January. During that event, I had a chance to exhibit my work from the previous semester- which is a nice way to look at it again and reflect. For the first time, I also saw this project in a public event and I had a chance to see how others engage with it. To be honest I’m really happy with the way it looked and I received a lot of positive feedback which is always uplifting for an artist to hear. The only thing that I haven’t tried out is as Miranda said- I didn’t fill out all of the room with the installation, it was part of the room and most people were just observing it from far away rather than getting into it. On the other hand, I’m not sure if it was possible because even when I was installing it was so easy to get tangled in the threads and I think it would be very messy if a lot of people would try to get between them. 

Workshop 1 

In today’s workshop, we had a general introduction to the module. I can see some changes to the module like the mix tutorial example which is exciting because we have never done that before. The main structure of the module is still the same but at the end of this semester, we are exhibiting our work in the arts centre. Which I find very exciting and a little stressful but still in a positive way. It is my last semester so I want to make something big, beautiful and meaningful. Something that could summarize the whole three years of my studies and show the skills that I learned during that period (so no pressure). 

At the end of the session, we started to discuss The takeover and what kind of people might go there and how to advertise it to others that don’t usually take part in art events. How to make it interesting for them? 

With that questions in mind, Miranda created an exercise. In which we had all got descriptions of different groups of people that generally aren’t interested in art events. and with that description, we were supposed to invent this person and think about how to make them interested in an art event. 

I think it was an interesting exercise to see what kind of people we are dealing with and to realize not everyone has the same way of thinking and seeing art. And to think about that event from a different point of view. On the other hand, though do we want people there that don’t care and don’t want to be there and is there a point in doing everything to satisfy them? I think there should be a balance between that. Of course, we should remember that this is an exhibition that different kinds of people will be watching and we do want them to enjoy it and be engaged in it but there is no way to make everyone happy. At the end of the day, we should show ourselves and how our art represents us. 

Group tutorial 1 

I think the group tutorial is a nice addition to this module and the construction of this first session was great. It’s nice to remind yourself in week 1 what you want to achieve this semester, what you could have done better and what you did well in the previous semester. Especially repeating it to different people makes you remember that. It’s also interesting to hear other people’s feedback and compare it. I discovered that a lot of people- me included- struggle with the notebook and the theory side of their project. It’s good to acknowledge that and make it a goal for yourself to do better. 

My intentions for this semester 

  1. Add more theory base to my project (do more research, more reading) 
  2. Add regularly to notebook and have a good quality content 
  3. Be more present 
  4. Do more experimentation
  5. And enjoy it!!

Project idea

I started to think about the concept of time and how I want to represent it, so before this semester started I had a first idea for my project. I want to portray the passing of time and how it relates to objects that change their form by the impact of time and compare it with objects that are still- frozen in time.

To create a time-lapse video. To compare in one frame something that isn’t affected by time- like a vase, tea cup etc. (still object) with something that changes its form through the impact of time and conditions- such as flowers or fruit. Something is interesting in seeing with your own eyes something changing its form by being influenced by time. Just like humans change their form from the time they are born to the day of their death.
For now, this is just a starting idea that I want to try out and see where it will take me. Ideally, I want to do some kind of installation and also something related to photography/film. So while filming this I will also be taking daily photos and I will see what will come out of it.
I have reached time lapsing and what kind of equipment I need to do that and if it’s possible for me too.

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  1. nicely designed post, have a look at Jo Coupe I think she did some moulding/rotting work, and of course Sam Taylor Wood – now Sam Taylor Johnson and ‘little death’. Graham Gaunt is a really greta time lapse artist. You have some big ambitions – start small and simple..

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