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At the workshop, the first after coming back from the holidays, we were introduced to the topic of time and, as this semester we are hosting the Takeover exhibition, we also started to think about the final exhibition and how to attract the public there. We were all given a different profile of a person, and the workshop consisted of us creating an imaginary person that followed the profile that we had been given, thinking about their name, age, interest, and character traits,… After explaining our created person to the group, we were also asked to think of someone who we knew who could fit into that profile and to manage to get them to come to the exhibition. I thought abut the owner of Coopers Arms, and therefore I will try to convince him to come to the takeover. This are a couple of photos of the person I created:


Thinking about the topic of Time during the Christmas holidaywanted to create a project inspired by the film In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-Wai. In this film depicts a love story but told through sensations in the way that whilst it is happening it already feels like its being looked at from the distance, as part of your memory. I found this effect very interesting and wanted to create a project which achived to transit only sensations which awoke in the viewer a nostalgic self-reflection of their own momory. I started to write a poem, which is still underconstruction, based on the idea of memory and the past as scars that when stroked took you back to those fleeting sensations that can be expressed in words. This are some photos of the process:

After some brainstorming I came up with the idea of creating a comined photography/poetry book, which I would put together with Indesign and which would have the finished poem combined with different series of fotograms as if taking every fotogram from a video and puting it on a page. The idea was to create a book where if you passed the pages quicky you could create a movement through the passing fotograms, and if the pages were spinned on the other direction, you would create the opposite movement. This, combined with the poem, was meant to give an effect of time, memory, sensations and nostalgia.



On Friday, we had our first group tutorial, which for me turned out super helpfull and gave me a big insight into myself. The tutorial was structured in two parts. On the first part of the tutorial, we were asked to look at and share our feedback from last semester, this was a very insightfull exercise to realise not only how you percive your practice, but also how other’s do. We were also asked to come up with positive and negative feedback from ourselves and with goals for this semester. THIS WERE MY ANSWERS:

On the second part of the workshop we were asked to share our ideas for the topic of Time. When it came my turn I explained my idea mentioned above and Miranda told to take the frame of the idea and throw it in the bin, to only focus on the poem and the photographs and to let go of the external plan I had done about all the rest, as I had already plan the whole outcome of the project without leaving any space for experimantation or process. After this realization as well as the previous exercise I realised that in my Art practice I was the opposite to what I consider myself to be. I was being compared at the rest as the one who has everything planned and organised and follows the strict deadlines, were I am insted a very chaotic, instinctive and dreamy person. I was very shocked by this realisation and found out, that because of my fear to my chaotic and forgetful nature and to thus not finishing my projects, I overcomensate with acting in the opposite way. Eventhough I think some structure is good, I realised that I haven’t been giving myslef the chance to experiment beacuse of that fear and that in that lack of faith I am loosing a big part of myself in my art, and of my enjoyment in it. This was a great realisation for me, and I think that it is going to compleatly change my semester, I am very excited to start taking photographs now and giving a start to my project, seeing where it goes day by day. These are the notes I took in the tutorial:

For this semester my two main goals are: To trust in myself and my instinct, and to develop a deeper visual (mainly photography and videography) culture.

To compleate teh second challenge I have started a photography diary, where I add and research the photographers I keep discovering:

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  1. Good start and good post, great you had some important insight that can really help you with your approach this semester, you have the beginnings of ideas that is enough for the first week.

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