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Week 1 – Introduction

(Thursday 29th, September 2022)

Monday 3rd, October – Sunday 9th, October

Creative Arts party

The creative Arts semester started with the I.P party in the creative arts studio. It was a nice and friendly environment to say hello to last year class fellows and meet new creative arts students. We received a very brief bitesize introduction to interdisciplinary practise online studio / The creative arts Aberystwyth website.

Click on the link to visit the interdisciplinary CA online studio Aberystwyth website:

Later in the evening students got the chance to talk about their previous projects and future ambitions or anything they want to share with other students.

After the evening I felt organising this event by our tutor Miranda was a great idea. It helped us to meet and greet each other and start networking from the very beginning of our semester. This networking and building friendships will help us to support each other or even collaborate and exchange ideas throughout the semester and afterwards.

Introduction to Interdisciplinary practise, week 1 seminar/workshop

This week on Friday the 7th, October I attended my first interdisciplinary practise 3 workshop. The Theme/Topic/Concept for this semester is The Everyday. There was a detail introduction to the blackboard and directions to find important folder. I also learned about this year’s new IP module structure and new marking criteria. We were encouraged to explore the theme with the triangle rule of reflect-research-experiment and let the process leads you.

Week 1 seminar photos 1, 2 and 3 by Abidish Hussain

During this IP3 introductory seminar our tutor Miranda refreshed our memories about the takeover 2022 exhibition at the Aberystwyth arts centre and last year’s interdisciplinary practise workshops.


YouTube video of the takeover 2020 from Public Exhibitions – Interdisciplinary Practice Online Studio (

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  1. A great start, intro to the module/semester, good images, but no references to your own project yet, remember to balance formality with informality, this can be where you archive your ideas, clumsy, raw, unresolved ideas and experiments, I look forward to seeing you approach some of these posts or aspects of each post with a little less formality, a little bit more expressive.

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