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Week 1

Reflection on the previous semester

The last semester I did a project that related to the topic of animal. The project reflected my idea of our modern problem of disconnection form animal and nature and how we are blinded by technology all around us and how we keen to forget about our relation to the world of nature. I’m happy about how the project turned out and about my work during that semester. I started feeling more comfortable with expressing myself and adding more personal touches to my art, I do more experimentations while working on project which is something that I’m really proud of because without fails and mistakes and different approaches I couldn’t get into that final version. I feel ready to take on a new project with new ideas and evolve more as an artist.


This semester the theme is journey. A journey is a really significant topic that can discuss so many aspects. I can look at so many angles of a journey there is personal journey, emotional journey, artistic journey, intellectual journey. I can take a journey as a literal theme as a trip or adventure. A journey was and is a topic for artists for centuries most of literature, paintings and films are based on different kinds of journeys. I can find this theme everywhere, and that’s because it is so universal because if you think about it everyone has their own journey, every person on the street, every building, every rock, everything around us has a journey and that’s why this topic is at the same time exiting but also really challenging.

Personal aspect for artists

Every artist has something really personal added to their work and sometimes it might be very challenging, especially when other people look at your work and start to judge it. The question is how personal you want to make your art? How many things about yourself you want to show? If you make a really personal pice it might be more challenging to show it to other people, to show your vulnerability. Of course every piece that you make has personal aspects but its usually hidden behind layers, the layers are you protection from the world around you, just so you wouldn’t get hurt so easily. This semester I would like to show more of me in my art. Last semester project was quite personal. For the first time I was there, I was being recorded and while showing this to other people I was stressed about a reaction and the judgement but I think that’s also something exiting, to show yourself. I would like to try to do it this semester too, maybe even dip a little more, show my thoughts, feelings because that’s what art helps me with, to show myself. 

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