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Week 1

Reflection on the previous semester 

Before starting this semester I was thinking about my previous project and what I liked about it and what it thought me. I quite like my project from semester 2, the paper houses, it did work with the theme of home and looked very aesthetically. The downside of this project was that it was time-consuming and it didn’t have its full potential. Because I switched to this idea in the middle of the semester I had to rush with making it and I couldn’t do more. But at the end of the day, I was pleased with how it turned up and I discovered about myself that I enjoy making installations and making something aesthetically pleasing. Another thing I discovered about myself is that I like to stick to that theme of the semester and explore myself with that. 

Intentions for this semester 

  1. Listen to my intuition and follow it and don’t force myself to do something that doesn’t feel right.
  2. Post on a notebook- try to be freer with it, it doesn’t have to be perfect
  3. Improve my research, make a theory base for my project
  4. Don’t rush in the end


When I heard that a theme for this semester is every day I was really happy about it. Every day is such a powerful word, there is so much to discover and explore within this topic. When I started to think about this word and what project to make, my mind started to think about simple things that we do every day, that we see every day and that we hear every day. There are some things that we forget to appreciate because they are a part of ours every day. 

Before coming to the tutorial I already had a rough idea of what I would like my project to be. I was sure that I wanted it to be related to photography and possibly installation. I think photography is a very good way to explore the topic of every day. 

The main idea I have right now and that would like to experiment with is creating photos every day, photographing something that is a part of my daily life. And I’m thinking about creating some rules. 

Possibly the first rule would be to have a theme for a week, for example, week 1 would be nature, week 2 would be architecture etc. I like the idea of being set on one thing every week and exploring it, especially since I don’t have one thing that I enjoy photographing, I like to explore and experiment and look for different subjects. 

The second rule that I would like to have is that I can make just one photo every day, and find something that is special and is my only subject of the day. 

These are the two major rules, for now, I’m not sure if it will stay that way but this is my idea for now. Another thing with this project is that I want to take my photos with an analogue camera and develop them by myself. I decided to do that because there is something more personal with an analogue camera and the whole process of developing photos. It is also something that I enjoy but on my own, it’s hard to find time for that. 

1 thought on “Week 1”

  1. A good start Weronika, the intentions are clear and the rules are clear, perhaps there is a creative visual way of presenting the rules – like a manifesto, perhaps look at artists manifesto’s and how they have interacted with them. You could perhaps change your manifesto every week, or change your themes and rules every week, this process of change could be part of the project, or maybe you need and want to keep adding and subtracting rules. Or maybe you want to stick to a few throughout the semester, whichever – bring the rules in as a visual element to the project. Bring visual elements to your posts generally. Try to be attentive to spelling and grammar so the posts read smoothly.

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