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Week 1

Project title is Home. I’ve immediately this week thought about different types of home situations. I immediately started to think about locations that weren’t the 4 walls of a house – instead these areas that I feel most at home are generally far from it. I often tended to find myself at ‘Home’ riding a bicycle up mountains and small narrow trails taking in the scenery.

  • MTB Video + Darkroom Photos + Audio Recorded

-Shot on go pro in the DYFI forest – somewhere I feel like I am at home. Shot was on a long descent called DIcko’s Track which is an off piste trail which is used on the DYFI winter warmup ride.

Off Piste trail’s are ones built by local riders and are more personal perhaps than most trails as they are almost always built by hand by one individual or a very few people.

There was no idea particularly, I more was inspired by the recent class to just get up and do something – which is not often how I like to work, normally having an idea that is already clear in my head.

Final work had water marks on which I was unhappy with, and the image isn’t actually great quality. I had intended to get some more varied shots, including riding up a hill, and longer descent, however the go – pro died as I had impromptu charged it an hour before I had left. I intended to either create a voice over or write a poem etc to go with the footage.

Audio recorded on phone

Photos taken on ride – darkroom photos yet to be completed – I hope that they are nostalgic in some way I used fomapan 400 which has a higher silver content to give richer blacks.


From my written notes and ideas etc…

-photos of home past and present etc

-other peoples/ animals’ homes

-Welsh animals close to aber – red kites ?

-Lots of research etc

– Where do animals live? -Where do animals like to live? – What are their homes like ? – do they move their homes ?

Home To Me

Trees- Bikes -Motion

Nature -Calm -View

On the Edge- Exercise


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Old Negatives Overlayed with New Negatives

Same Room Years Apart ?

Overlaying Colour Negatives ?

What do you want to say about your work ?

A piece of paper with writing

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Text, letter

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A piece of paper with writing

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Class notes


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One of the most useful pieces from the lecture was the triangle trying to always test my ideas. Something that I will try and come back to with my work in the future.

A group of people in a room

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Best part of the class was looking at what previously had been done for the arts centre takeover. I was inspired using the darkroom by a previous student. It was such a creative way to use the space. Excitement created by simply using the darkroom – exciting for the public to view, creative use of space. BE AWARE WE CANNOT HANG PICTURES….

A person standing in a room

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Love this work creating a fantastic, fantasy landscape to walk around. Interesting to hear that most people went into the room and simply sat – down. Interesting as that is perhaps the calming affect of nature. Lighting clearly plays and important role in the work.

A piece of paper with writing on it

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Tutorial 1

Monday 7th February

Where are you at with HOME?






Went out on mountain bike with a GOPro, analogue camera and audio recorder

We watched the GoPro footage and listened to some disconnected audio

Ideas for how this could progess i.e. next steps:

1) Going out again

2) Going out alone or not if no one is in front if the camera is facing forward, or behind if the camera is facing backwards

3) placing the GoPro on different parts of the bike

4) recording a longer continual ride

5) filming the ascent and descent

6) doing it in different weather at different times of the day and night

Don’t worry about the mud and water on the camera

7) don’t use the sound from the GoPro

8) record disconnected audio from the landscape

9) record the workshop at Summit Cycles

10) record friends on the trip

11) record a voice over

12) poem

13) lists

14) slower routes

15) steeper route

16) night and lights


What do you want us, the audience to feel and think?

How can you make ‘home’ a prominent aspect of the work i.e. its focus

It’s your – solace – what is a solace?

Why do you go there, keep going back there, what is there?

To improve on the progress of your project I advise:

1) post the footage so far on the notebook

2) interrogate the questions

3) look at other Gopro footage films – look at Adventure Uncovered Film Festival, I am in it, was a winner!! Just as a starting point for a load of adventure films, Banff Film festival..other adventure, explorer films for reference of what to do what not to do

4) go out again and again and try all of the above

5) keep faith in its simplicity

6) keep focussing it on Home otherwise it could lose itself

^ Above notes from my tutorial. Really useful research to look into, in particular artists using go pro. Also very affirming to know I was right to just go out and do work rather than being unsure of the work and waiting before going out and completing work. I clearly need to push this go pro idea further and see what happens with it! – FOCUS ON SIMPLICTIY DON’T SPOON FEED !

I think the most important thing is to focus on is to not loose sight of home which could be so easy to do with such a route I am currently going down.

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