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week 1

Like in the previous semester I think I will start with the summary of my previous project.

Am I happy with it? I would say yes… Maybe it is not the best thing I have ever done, but still, I am proud of it.

The thing I did was a Project named Propil.

Propil is a 20-minute video made with GoPro footage captured from a toy car.

I am dissatisfied that I did not finish my online notebook last semester because I missed documentation of many steps in my creation that I took. From week six even if I was working a lot on my project I did not make any more posts. There were a lot of reasons why I did not continue my notebook. I do not want to put it here because that is not the point!

This semester I will surely do better!

Miranda gave me very constructive feedback which I appreciate because it will help me to improve my work overall.

Things I have to focus on more:

  • not working on the work alone, I have support from Miranda and other students, so I should take advantage of that (use tutorials more!!!)
  • dig the idea deeper
  • work with my grammar and formal writing
  • remember about giving an exhibithion the title!!!
  • do more research



h o m e

h o m e

What is home for me?

The first thing that came to my mind was CAT.

Cats are the most important thing in my life. They accompanied me since I was little, so that is obvious why it reminds me of my home.

So for this semester, I want to focus on cats.

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