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Week 1

During this week we were introduced to the general structure of the module and to the theme of this semestre: HOME. I find this theme really interesting as it has a very abstract nature for me, and after think about possible projects that I could do around it if ended up with the following question:

“What makes something feel like home?”

In the class itself I stared to annotate certain ideas or possible artistic outcomes that came to my mind.

I was mostly divided between two ideas. The idea of creating a project which looked at the home from an objective point of view, designing a house and its interior spaces, aging to make it 100% sustainable. Or on the other hand using the theme of Home to pursue my interest in astronomy and astrophysics. At the end of the day my interest in astronomy is majorly fueled by my search of purpose and belonging. But although perhaps I’m more interested by this second prompt, it is much more abstract and undefined, which makes it scarier to go into.

Due to this uncertainty I asked Miranda to have an individual tutorial to clear my head and help me decide which route to take. This meeting was actually really helpful and pushed me to pursue my interest in astronomy rather than settling for the easiest option.

Although still looking at astronomy and physics theories I thought about it in different ways. She pointed out that I could either focus on a very concrete small theory or look at astronomy as a whole and what that means to me. When I tried to explain why I was so fascinated by it I realized that its the complexity and abstract nature of this theories and ideas that attract me the most. For example, trying to wrap my head around sting theory and being able to imagine something in 10 dimensions. This realization brought me to the idea that I want to pursue moving forward in my project: The idea that the way we think, our mental patterns, our thoughts, our sense of existence and our beliefs are our home. How concepts that we are not familiar with blow our minds and therefore our home.

Perceiving our mind like a home is a very interesting idea for me, as it insinuates that we are the creators of our home and that no matter what the circumstances are, no one can take our home away from us.

This is an image of the brainstorming process:

Captured by the idea of the mind setting its own traps and potential had a twist in me. I started to think about how we think through language and therefore the way that our language also limits our as it is the patterns that we go through in our thinking process. Due to this idea I decided to watch some ted talks involving the mind and language, mostly mathematical, and take notes:

After commenting this interest with a friend he recommended me to watch the movie arrival, as he said that it was really relevant to the project:

Arrival Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures - YouTube
Cover of the film Arival

This movie was indeed really interesting and gave me lots of new ideas por the project. While I was watching I took the following notes:

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