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week 1

New semester and a new theme: EVERYDAY – such a small word with such a big meaning. Quite overwhelming, right? Well, I am trying to figure out what excatly I want to create because the basic idea already exists in my head, although second thoughts come up all the time. After the first tutorial with Miranda my mind became clearer and I know that changing things doesn’t mean something will get worse, it might be different – sometimes even better than before. I think I am kind of scared of changes, but on the other hand, I love them with all of my heart. I am constantly living from one event to another event that changes my life a little bit, but I’m stressed out when it comes to choosing a movie to what that I’ve never seen before. I am trying to change this because it also stops me from doing art.

The other thing that I decided on the tutorial was that I want to do art that I truly enjoy doing. The thing is – I’m not saying that I don’t like making videos or working on animations (as I previously did on my projects), but I have my phases that change very often. I have to be very into something at the moment to enjoy the process of creation. For example, I loved painting – when I was at my peak I was painting, drawing, and sketching every day, even a couple times a day. Now the idea of painting sounds like a punishment to me – but I still like to do it when I start. Starting something is the hardest part for me. That is why I have a problem updating my notebook. It’s awfully hard for me to start a post, I am trying to find excuses to not do it or leave it for the very last moment. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like writing here – I just don’t like the idea of doing this. I am self-aware, nevertheless it’s hard to change. But self-averment is the first step to improvement, right? Well, I’ve gotten a little off point here, so let’s go a couple of sentences back: I have my phases and NOW one of them is 3D sculpting. I want to get as much as possible out of it, so that’s why I want to make it a base for my project.

When I’m thinking about the everyday, nothing deep comes to my mind. I’m mainly thinking about my flat, about people that I spend time with – all the basic stuff. On the tutorial, we tried to find a more meaningful side of it. How can I connect ordinary things and make them into something important? I will write about it next time cause I don’t feel like putting everything into the first post.

Let’s talk about how that happened that I like to play with digital blocks to create something in a 3D programme. It is surprisingly simple: I saw a TikTok about a programme NOMAD SCULPT, and I thought Wow that’s so cool, but then I forgot about it for like 3 months. When I remembered, I bought it, made a duck…

… and haven’t touched it for another few weeks. Then I watched a tutorial on how to make a book:

Again a break from doing anything and suddenly I wanted to make a replica of a lego-type building found on Alieexpres.

I started, and I very much enjoyed it, but unfortunately, the file was too big so I couldn’t finish this on my iPad 🙁

Thanks to my friend Hubert (thank you Hubert xx) now I have a borrowed graphic tablet and a Blender programme on my computer, so I can do my project without worrying about not having enough RAM.

My first idea for the project was to make a replica of my whole flat, but together with Miranda, we decided that creating only my room in the 3D sculpting programme is much more interesting, more personal and possibly deeper. So for now I’m planning to show my everyday through my room – how it changes every day, how objects move, and how I add other objects to my room every once in a while. It might be a good way to start personal reflection, but of course, the whole idea might change a billion times and evolve into something completely different.

I guess the time will tell.

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  1. Great Pola, an excellent start, honest, open and informative, your starting point is clear and I believe the project is manageable and you have the interest and drive. Perhaps don’t hold back on what you put into a post, if you thought something this week then put it in this weeks post otherwise you will forget it, the posts are useful if the content is current and so fresh, don’t forget to add some reflective notes on classes. Nice visuals, friendly, engaging.

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